What's up with a Pop-Up?

So, we have owned about a dozen Love....breed....Life websites for years. Time has been a challenge and our focus has been on our overall retail online shop: 3RedRovers.com.  But we have so many breed-specific items but they are not all-breed encompassing. So since we only designed these shirts for Labrador parents, it made us uncomfortable to not have it for Poodles.... Bulldogs... hope that makes sense there.

We have been inspired by our two Chocolate Labradors. Oliver Maxwell, tragically, passed away in October 2022 from an aggressive cancer shortening our days together. 30 hours from his diagnosis, he passed in his sleep, just feet away from his Mama and brother. Our youngest Noah Jake is still the baby (at age 7) and is a bit skittish but still curious about the world. Before Oliver passed, we were saving up for a van and had dreamed about volunteering to do transport for local charities. 

We are so excited to be working with several local (AZ) rescue organizations:  Friends for Life (Gilbert, AZ), 2nd Chance Rescue (Queen Creek, AZ), Love Connection Dog Rescue (Queen Creek, AZ) and Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (Tucson, AZ) which we're thrilled to grow our involvement in with. So the timing was perfect to marry the 2 ideas!

These pop-ups should have less than 100 products at a time and we hope to switch out items.  Items are made in the US so costs are higher than the trinkets made in China but know the we've kept our margins lean and set aside as much as we can to directly support Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue (SOLR). We also have 2 items where 100% of proceeds will go directly to SOLR.

We'll be constantly refreshing the shop and hope to open Love Golden Life later this year.


What's up with a Pop-Up?
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